Dear Colleagues,

We will be honored to meet you again, at the 29th International Turkish Society of Paediatric Dentistry Congress, which will be held at Ankara Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center between 12-15 October 2023.

The theme of our present congress, which is very valuable and important to us every year in terms of strengthening our unity and solidarity is "Children of the Republic- We are Growing Together", since we are in the 100th Anniversary of our Republic.

The Turkish Society of Paediatric Dentistry, established in 1977, has become a large family that grows and strengthens its roots by opening new springs every year. Intensive participation and contribution of our colleagues to our scientific congresses and social meetings strengthen our bonds and make our society even more prosperous.

The disasters in recent years have deeply afflicted us all. While we were passing through an era of pandemics, forest fires, and floods, our lives again turned upside down by the earthquakes that took place on February 6, 2023, in the southeast of our country. From the first day of the disaster, we tried to stand by our colleagues and students with all our support as TSPD. We are aware that we still have a lot of responsibilities and work to do in the days ahead of us. As the children of the Republic, who carry cooperation and solidarity in their genes, we sometimes got tired and had difficulties, but we always got stronger, we tried to overcome the difficulties by listening and understanding each other; from this day forward, we will heal our wounds together. Your participation and presence in our congress will also give great support to our bursaries fund, which we have initiated for this purpose.

The present congress, where our knowledge will be enriched with the discussions on innovations in the scientific field of Pediatric Dentistry, the friendships, and communication among our colleagues will be enriched and the family members will meet, is even more important than all our congresses. We look forward to your participation and valuable contributions to the lectures of our speakers, the session of the Young TSPD and the oral and poster presentations of our participants, which we believe will enable us to look to the future with confidence.

Republic is love, friendship, humanity, peace. Republic is intelligence, science, modernity.

We wish to be together at our 29th Congress, the unity of science and friendship, which we attributed to the Children of the Republic, in the presence of Atatürk. As the Turkish Society of Paediatric Dentistry Board of Directors and the Congress Organisation Committee, we present our affection and kind regards.

Looking forward to meet you in Ankara

Prof.Dr. Figen Seymen
President of Turkish Society of Paediatric Dentistry